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Set in the redwood forests of Northern California, MORIHOUSE was created by Husband-and-Husband team Adrian Chang & Chris Lewis as a love letter to their East Asian-American & British heritages. Inspired by ancestral wisdom of the hearth & home, MORIHOUSE celebrates natural, regenerative ways of living and seeks to inspire other to do the same through food, culture, art & design. 


MORIHOUSE is inspired by the fundamental principles of the folk beliefs from East-Asian & Celtic cultures. Existing in tandem with Nature and revering it and its rhythms as the guiding force for living a more natural, sustainable and harmonious life.

cooking classes

From our kitchen to yours, MORIHOUSE offers Asian-American Heritage Cooking classes taught by Adrian.

Adrian's classes and recipes are heavily inspired by his Chinese and Asian-American heritage, his decades long experience studying food traditions in Asia, and his passion for community based learning.

Cooking classes are currently online only, however in-person classes are being planned for the future.



Both of us have a past life in design.

When we are not teaching cooking classes, working in the garden or tending to our animals, we are working hard at creating a line of lifestyle products which speak to our brand ethos and celebrate the beauty of handcrafted and sustainably sourced goods. 

Wood-crafted homewares, ceramics and apparel are on the menu but we are still product testing.  In the meantime, you can follow our journal to keep updated on what we've been working on.

Keep an eye on this part of MORIHOUSE.  We can't wait to show you what we've been making!

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